The International Union of Lawyers has prepared an IBA News Digest for the fourth quarter of 2023
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Meeting of the Presidium of the IUCA
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Meeting of the Presidium of the IUCA
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The International Union (Commonwealth) of Lawyers has prepared the IBA News Digest for the second quarter of 2023
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The "Advocate" newspaper

The "Advocate" newspaper

About the newspaper

The "Advocate" newspaper has been published since October 1990 The main tasks of the newspaper are to promote the professional development of lawyers and exchange of their work experience, publication of materials of scientific and practical conferences and seminars on legal issues, the best court speeches of lawyers, comments on international law and international standards of advocacy.

We open the field for the exchange of work experience

The »Advocate« newspaper is an open tribune for speeches by leading Russian and foreign lawyers and other legal figures, a field for discussions on improving human rights activities in the country, transfer of experience in organizing the work of the best advocates’ collegiums, legal consultations, and other lawyers' associations. Having such a newspaper, lawyers of even the most remote regions of the CIS countries get access to the International Tribune.

We publish materials of scientific and practical conferences and seminars on legal issues

Essays, stories, courtroom reports published in the »Advocate« newspaper are a kind of school for qualified readers, as well as a reflection of existing realities in legal practice.

We publish the best courtroom speeches of lawyers

The publication in the newspaper of speeches by Russian lawyers and their foreign colleagues serves as an illustration of the legal positions of lawyers that contributed to acquittals.

Protecting lawyers' rights

The newspaper pays special attention to the protection of lawyers' rights. Practice shows that after its articles effective measures are taken to eliminate the facts of pressure on lawyers.

Principle of work of the newspaper

The »Advocate« newspaper operates on the principle of economic self-sufficiency and independence from state bodies, with the full support of the International Union (Commonwealth) of Advocates.

The "Advocate" newspaper raises the qualifications of lawyers

In accordance with the Methodological Recommendations of the Federal Chamber of Advocates of 30.11.2007, an annual subscription to the advocates' newspaper, including the »Advocate« newspaper is counted as 5 hours of professional development training for advocates with more than 5 years of advocacy experience. In addition, seminars and scientific and practical conferences organized by the Presidium of the IUCA in Russia and abroad are one of the forms of professional development of advocates.

Sending the newspaper to advocates outside the IUCA

The "Advocate" newspaper is sent to IUCA members by list, therefore, advocates wishing to receive it directly in the editorial office or by mail should transfer 720 rubles (annual cost of the newspaper and mailing) to the IUCA settlement account and provide their address. The proof of the annual subscription will be the corresponding receipt of the "Advocate" newspaper.
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